Announce Memorial

Website Links Bereaved to Loved Ones SADOD is launching Honoring the Many, which according to a statement on the new memorial website, was created “because people who die from substance use deserve to be honored and remembered — and those who are left behind to mourn their loss deserve to know that they are not …

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Get Help Where Grief and COVID-19 Intersect

As we were finishing the inaugural edition of the SADOD newsletter, we suddenly found ourselves facing the unraveling uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic. We continued to move toward our publication date, with a watchful eye on the changes that were happening daily – and like everyone else we realized we were immersed in something so big that it was redefining everything about our lives as we knew them. We followed the news and complied with the mandates until we found ourselves at home with our families indefinitely, facing a new norm involving “social distancing” and Zoom meetings, and confronting disruptions of our daily routines and support systems. This weighed heavily on our minds as we

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