Grief from Multiple Losses

First of all, it is very important that community leaders and the public at large understand more completely the extent to which many frontline care providers are exposed to mass casualties from the opioid-overdose epidemic.


Massachusetts Peer Grief Support Group Directory


Franklin Cook


SADOD Director Profile: Franklin Cook By Franklin Cook, SADOD Director My story is an old one. I have been in recovery for more than 30 …


Brightly colored artwork


Milestone Gives Voice to New Vision By Kerry J. Bickford, VOICES Editor VOICES is celebrating a milestone as we approach the first anniversary of our …

Share Your Voice Sign


Your ‘Visions & Voices’ Welcome Here VOICES creates content to help people survive the loss of a loved one to a death from substance use. …

support group circle


Finding ‘Our People’ Is Crucial By Peter Babineau, Learn to Cope Regional Manager Editor’s Note: I joined a Learn to Cope meeting a year ago …

Patrick, Louis, James Avitabile


A Wounded Healer Remembers By Kerry J. Bickford, VOICES Editor, & Ann Ahearn Avitabile, Guest Contributor  Many families suffer silently while their loved ones battle …

Amy Horowitz


Peer Grief Helper Profile: Amy Horowitz By Kerry J. Bickford, VOICES Editor Amy Horowitz was about to launch her first peer grief support group on …

PTSD booklet title


Handout Guides Helpers to More Help “When Professional Help Is Needed” is a guide from SADOD for peer grief helpers when they encounter a bereaved …

Janice Kaplan


Peer Grief Helper Profile: Janice Kaplan By Kerry J. Bickford, VOICES Editor Five days after losing her youngest son to an overdose in 2013, Janice …

Molly and Cory on the mountain


Nurse’s Compassion Strengthened by Grief By Kerry J. Bickford, VOICES Editor Healthcare providers are faced with more than their share of loss these days. Between …


Stigma Lingers After Death from Substance Use By Kerry J. Bickford, VOICES Editor “Even though medicine long ago reached a consensus that addiction is a …

stones and grass


Brief Video Shares Self-Compassion Practices A group of peer grief helpers who meet twice a month in Massachusetts to identify and address issues that arise …

Chris and jenn


Time Stopped When My Brother Died By Jenn Johnson, Guest Contributor I lost my little brother, Chris, on 7/13/18 – a day before my wedding. …


Grieving Men Show Strength in Vulnerability By David Swindell, Guest Contributor I am a volunteer co-facilitator of a peer grief support group for men bereaved …


Peer Helper Profile: Deb Dowd-Foley By Kerry J. Bickford, VOICES Editor Deb Dowd-Foley is a licensed social worker who has devoted her professional career to …


Grief and Stigma

Grieving After an Overdose Death: The First Days (Part One)

Overdose Awareness Day August 31st

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